What To Expect | Upholstery By Michael, Quincy, MA
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We want your experience to be as pleasant as possible in what can sometimes feel like a challenge. Let us explain how it all works and what to expect:


In this day of being so connected, it usually starts with sending us an email with pictures of the work you are looking to have done. We will also come out to your home, if that is needed.


We will try to respond on the same or next day with an estimate, which weighs the labor and supplies needed to complete the project.


Next, you will be presented with a yardage of fabrics we have available for the project. This is not included in the estimate because of the wide range of prices for fabrics. There may be a price listed for pick-up and delivery, only if you require that service.


If you decide to go forward we require a ⅓ deposit to hold a place in our work lineup. If you are purchasing fabric, then that must be paid in full at the time of order.


To keep you from being inconvenienced without your furniture, we contact you when we are ready to do it; we get it in, get right to it, and return it to you in short time. We will also tell you at pick up when you can expect it back. You will also be given an estimate on how long your project might take.


* The balance of all work is to be paid in full upon the satisfactory delivery of your piece.


It is not an uncommon problem to be undecided between having your furniture reupholstered or replaced. In fact, most of our customers have asked us about the differences.


Hopefully we can provide you with a little insight!


We can work with you in exceeding your expectations to make your vision true.
Contact us today for a free estimate!

Upholstery By Michael